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The Environmentally Friendly Bank in Gujarat

Rajkot Nagrik Sahakari Bank is based in Gujarat and unlike any other bank out there. It is equipped with the most recent technology and is best known for being environmentally friendly. When someone visits the bank, they are taken back by all the sunlight and beauty, which emits into the lobby. Not only is this the first green building in this sector, but it is the first building to have CCTVs watching every inch of it.

The former chairman of the UCB, Jyotindra Mehta, said they’ve developed green buildings because they are energy efficient and better for the environment. The UCB assigned very skilled architects the job of developing these buildings. RNSB appreciates their contribution and for thinking eco-friendlier. Meanwhile, RNSB is creating mobile applications to make it easier for customers to access their accounts and for shareholders to receive gift distributions.

The building of RNSB is equipped with a light system which coordinates with a sensor. So, every time someone approaches the building, the sensor will detect the motion and then cause the lighting system to turn on. The interior of the building has Belgian imported mirrors and LED and LCD touchscreen technology that lets guests interact by connecting their laptops or mobile devices. The directors of the bank have their chamber too.

Perhaps the most impressive area of the building is the newly constructed auditorium which was named after Sahakar Bharti. He was the chairman and founder of the Lakshmanrao Inamdar Training Centre. The auditorium can hold up to 350 guests and has the best acoustics available on the market. Any event that is held on the stage of the auditorium will only take 10 minutes to prepare. Throughout the whole room, there are 145 cameras for CCTV and 40 LED lights.

With all these extra features in their building, RNSB is bound to see their revenue increase as more companies wish to do business with them.