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JSPL Successfully Completes Its Basic Oxygen Furnace In Angul Odisha

India’s leading steel manufacturer Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, commonly abbreviated as JSPL, has announced the completion of its biggest project in history, a 250-ton Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF). This marks the successful completion of the company’s 6 million ton per annum (mtpa) combined steel project in its new facility located in Angul Odisha.

According to a statement released by the company to the newsrooms, the new steelmaking project will give JSPL the power to fully use its 4 million ton per annum blast furnace, which is among the biggest in the nation. The facility will give JSPL the opportunity to achieve effectiveness and efficiency as far as steel making is concerned as mentioned in the Economic Times.

While congratulating the Angul team for the timely completion of the project, Naveen Jindal, the chairman of JSPL said that the successful completion of the new facility will give the Angul Steel Complex, the ability to achieve optimal efficiencies and value as far as cost and operation processes are concerned. This is geared towards ensuring that JSPL marks its position as the leading steel manufacturer in the region.

The new facility is expected to produce approximately 3-million-ton high-grade steel per year. It should be understood that this is the first time in Indian history that a Dry Gas Cleaning System is being deployed thanks to JSPL. This system is powerful and more effective than the Wet Gas Cleaning plant system and it is environmental friendly also.

This facility will significantly reduce energy consumption and at the same time generate its own converter gas that will be used to power other units within the steel complex. The facility is designed to be the most energy efficient installations in the country. Some of the features of the facility include; the Dry Gas Cleaning System, zero waste generation capabilities, full utilization of slag for different purposes and the nil discharge capabilities. The steel manufacturer made the completion of the new facility possible by partnering with another major company called the SMS Group for the supply of major BOF equipment as well as engineering equipment.

In August 2017, JSPL launched India’s largest blast furnace, a 4 million tons per annum facility of 4554 cubic meters. At an investment of Rs 33,000 crores, the Angul’s steel complex is the largest and the most contemporary integrated steel plant in the entire state of Odisha. This complex will enable the state to develop, meet its steel supply needs, also it will create jobs in Odisha for the locals and improve the livelihoods of the people.

The latest facility is the biggest and the last major installation with a capacity of 6 million tons per annum by JSPL. With the new BOF facility, JSPL has completed its expansion and capital investment program in the area.